Beautiful Handmade Polymer Beads

Have a look at these gorgeous beads made by my very talented cousin, Janice!!!  They are exquisite and each one is unique and interesting.  She was kind enough to make them for me to use with my next set of mini art panels.  I am going to pair the beads with my images and see which look like they belong together.  I am so grateful as she sent me a bunch.  She makes many beautiful things like ornaments and cake toppers.  Look for them soon in my next set of Artful Box panels.

*Update- See Janice’s beads in action on my new art panels .

Art Beads

I found these lovely rubber coated beads that have such a sparkle to them that I wanted to add my own imagery on top by punching out some circles from other card designs.  I coated the images with Glossy Accents to give them some protection and a nice sheen.  The beads are double-sided and I can’t wait to string them, perhaps on a bracelet.  When I hold them in my hand they are like shiny little candies.

Butterfly Box

I just adore making these little boxes. First, I painted & stamped the lid and then added a round butterfly sticker which I had previously made on Zazzle. It was perfect that I had glass blanks with a hole for hanging. I tied pretty fibers through the hole before gluing the glass circle down, over the sticker. You can’t see in the photo but there are assorted beads tied to the ends of the fibers. For the interior of the box, I lined it with frosted half marbles in soft green and blue hues. The legs are wine corks that I had been saving and finally found the perfect occasion to use. I guess I had better start drinking a lot more wine, if I want to make more of these boxes…


One of my forays into true mixed-media. A smallish canvas that is painted and layered in paper, old sewing pattern and pencil. I painted an image from my Dover book as the lovely odalisque. The butterflies are made in clay and I hammered in nails with various beads around the edge to change the silhouette of the canvas. My little parrot provided the red feather from his tail- one of many that fall out and litter his cage. The whole thing has kind of a tribal, Darwinism kind of feel and that’s how I came up with the title.