Soaring Blue Bird

Blue birdy flying over a color field in blue.  The background was made with collage and pastels that I smeared with my finger.  I love how the colors changed and bled when I painted them with matte medium.  Looks like watercolor but isn’t.

Red Garden Postcard

Bursting with energy, and bright color.  I made this postcard to be a backer to some Valentine heart pendants.  I started by dividing my art journal page into quadrants and then worked on all four corners at one time.  This was one of the quadrants and the bird above was another.  The other two didn’t turn out as well so only these two made it to be actual postcards.

Pickadoo Postcard

A promotional collage postcard.  My favorite part is the tiny bit of starry night peeking out from behind the theatrical set up.  The leaf and shell are like the actors on stage and the ribbons along the side are meant to be the curtains. 

Color Scape Jewelry Backing Cards

Here are the rest of the backer cards series that I package with pendants.  The cards are approx. 4×6 and all of the photos I took with my camera, not knowing what I would end up doing with them.  I played around with real paint chips and then arranged them to come up with my own “paint sample’ collection.  The funnest part was naming each color. 

New Poppy Pendant

Here is my latest pendant design with matching art card.  I have 7 more designs that I’m making pendants for.  I adhere my image to a bead.  It is double sided so that when the pendant swings, it is reversible.  I plan on making many more of these.



“Is it time for a treat?”

I was inspired to make this art piece about a delightful boston terrier named Tyson who comes to my work.  He is a smart, funny little dog that loves to great visitors and help his mom at work.  He is so well behaved and friendly that he makes everyone’s day more fun.
The little blue flower is a 3D resin dahlia cabochon. 

I started by taking a picture of Tyson.  This was not easy to do since he doesn’t stop moving.  After painting a background and printing out my piece- I coated it with a layer of Triple Thick for a hard, glossy look.  I mounted it on a backsplash tile with a slight metallic finish to give the edge some bling.  I found these cool easel backs that allow you to hang the work or let it stand like a photo frame.  The final size is 4″x4″.  I added a Pickadoo Design sticker and packaged it up in a cello bag then it was ready to give.

Vintage Family Portrait

Currently I am involved in these vintage family portrait pieces. The top piece is a laser print applied to a small canvas by gel medium transfer. I painted and tinted the people and added a pencil line here and there for a sketchy look. I also used pink chalk to rosy up their cheeks! The top and bottom borders are just my painted papers that I ripped and glued on.

The bottom photo shows some painted wood blocks where I’ve collaged on some imagery and fabric. The ladies are printed on white polymer clay and their profiles cut out before being baked. I ran some walnut ink over them after they cooled to give them some tint. These are enormously fun and the possibilities are endless.

Altered Dominoes

Here’s a couple of dominoes that I painted with alcohol inks and stamped imagery. I love the effects of the inks however I noticed they were a bit fragile and the inks wear off unless sealed. I applied Rub and Buff to the sides of the dominoes which worked great. It made them look more high end and finished.

Butterfly Box

I just adore making these little boxes. First, I painted & stamped the lid and then added a round butterfly sticker which I had previously made on Zazzle. It was perfect that I had glass blanks with a hole for hanging. I tied pretty fibers through the hole before gluing the glass circle down, over the sticker. You can’t see in the photo but there are assorted beads tied to the ends of the fibers. For the interior of the box, I lined it with frosted half marbles in soft green and blue hues. The legs are wine corks that I had been saving and finally found the perfect occasion to use. I guess I had better start drinking a lot more wine, if I want to make more of these boxes…