Weather Patterns


Happy that I got to do some art today!!  Here near Seattle, we have had some serious rain even by our standards.  It’s been a rainy, drizzly spring.  Today I made collage paintings inspired by the science of weather and the hope of sunny days to come.

May Day

Yesterday my kids and I were greeted with a lovely sight.  There was a scattering of  tiny white flowers that went up our driveway and to our stairs.  On each step was a flower bud.  We felt like we were following some sort of magical breadcrumb path.  On our door, tucked into the brass knocker was this beautiful little garden bouquet.  My daughter noticed that there was a tiny “A”nestled in the bouquet.  “A” was leaving a surprise?  No one in my family has an “A” name.  A charming mystery-  To be continued…

Royal Blue

I’ve been working on some new imagery for some cedar plank plaques.  Sometimes we visit the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery just to see the beautiful peacocks that live on the grounds.  I have yet to hear their loud cry but from what I understand, they can make quite a racket.