I’m doing some cards for a friend of mine who recently rescued a beautiful Golden Retriever from Homeward Pets. Here is the first of three designs. I started with photos that I took of flowers and then with some pictures of Kayla. I printed the images out on vellum to give them a softer look. I played around with collaging the paper images on a painted background and then scanned them. I think the cards have a sweet, vibrant look that matches Kayla herself.


This lovely lady was transferred using an inkjet printed transparency that was rubbed onto a painted scrap of wood with a bone folder. I love how she came out looking like a delicate pencil sketch.

Jenkins and Bessie

I made these cards for my cousin who does genealogy and has tracked our family over several generations. Her work is amazingly detailed and helps us all to understand the folks that came before us. She was also kind enough to give me lots of gorgeous vintage photos that provide a wealth of inspiration! Thanks, JF!!!!